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In my book "Theory You" I point out the first step in learning the management of you is the accurate assessment of yourself to determine your greatest strengths. Often a person's greatest strength can also be their greatest weakness. For example, you might be a very competitive, aggressive person. Your aggressiveness can often lead to [...]

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Roger Goodell: A Failed Manager?

Roger Goodell is the commissioner of the National Football League. Last week I watched his press conference from the Super Bowl. It was the first time I had the opportunity to hear him speak. I was very curious due to some recent developments in the NFL world. My impression of Commissioner Goodell was not positive. [...]

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Self-mentoring is more and more important in today's business world due to the loss of available mentors. The reasons for the decline of mentors is spelled out in my book "Theory You" which launches the topic of self-mentoring as a means to propel one's career.  In overview the key reasons for the decline of mentors: [...]

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The ability to understand people better, including those who report to you, is vital for your success as a manager. One of the keys is Active Listening. Active listening involves four critical steps. STEP ONE - LISTEN WITH YOUR EARS Good use of your ears requires patience.If you pay attention when someone is speaking to [...]

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Why We Fail To Understand People

I pointed out in the previous blog in reference to self-evaluation "Failure to understand people is the devastation of western management" according to the great management guru W. Edwards Deming. He made this statement a number of years ago and it is doubtful he believed the general inability to understand people in addition to ourselves [...]

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Three Keys to the Management of You

In the process of the Management of You the start of the new year is a great time to evaluate the past year and set goals for the upcoming twelve months. The assessment should include personal growth, development and goals as well as company goals and objectives. W. Edwards Deming said: “Failure to understand people [...]

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