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Joseph J. Cronin is a former global advertising executive and educator. He was Vice-Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and also held executive management positions with advertising giants DDB and BBDO. He was part of the management team at Chrysler Corporation in the early 1980’s when Chrysler fought successfully for survival and repaid the loan guarantees from the US government. In his advertising career he has been president of agencies in Los Angeles and Miami and had executive positions in New York, Boston and Detroit. His extensive global experience includes work in: Japan, United Kingdom, China, France, Argentina, Hong Kong, Belgium, Venezuela, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. His education experience includes two stints teaching at Northeastern University in Boston where he taught courses in both global marketing and global management. He has also spoken at many colleges and universities including: U Cal Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Stanford, U Hawaii, Emerson, U Maine, and Arizona State Thunderbird School. He resides in both Los Angeles and Boston.


WE ARE AT WAR We are at war. The president has stated we are at war and that he is a now a wartime president in the fight against Covid-19. There are a number of major issues in the country at this time including the economy, education of our children, BLM movement and protests, the [...]

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“According to recent cultural criticism … Narcissism is now to be seen at the root of everything…” Jessica Benjamin “The Oedipal Riddle” NARCISSISM The narcissist is more apparent in today’s society due to the many avenues available for one to exhibit their narcissistic behavior from social media to cell phone cameras to 24 hour news [...]

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FOREVER YOUNG The state of Florida enacted new gun regulations today. The bill was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott. The bill imposes a three day waiting period for most purchases of guns and raise the minimum age for those purchasing guns to 21 from 18. It also bans bump fire stocks. Additionally people [...]

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The Winter Olympics The past two weeks have demonstrated to all of us encouraging signs of the strength of our young people in this country although the indications have come from widely divergent places. The Winter Olympics gave us wonderful images of our young athletes. Their grit, determination and class were on television daily highlighted [...]

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9/11 The date 9/11 will live on in the history of our country as one of our darkest days. The lives lost in the attack on the twin towers were both tragic and heroic. The incredible first responder efforts by New York's Finest, the members of the New York Police Department and New York Fire [...]

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I just read an article in "Fortune" magazine titled: "4 Ways Women Can Be Taken More Seriously At work". It made quite an impression on me as to the state of women and business in this country. The first point: Decide to participate even if is daunting. The point made me think of Ann Madden, [...]

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The House of Representatives is busily working to foster the death of process in government. Every good manager knows process is important in the conduct of business. Organizations need structure and discipline in order to perform at the highest level. Process is not more important than the outcome rather process aids in the development of [...]

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In my previous blog I noted the new norm of a 72.5 hour work week for E.M.P.'s [executives, managers and professionals]. One of the major complaints that helped create this new norm was the time devoted to meetings by E.M.P.'s and the resultant impact on the rest of their work. There is ample opportunity to [...]

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A recent study published by the Harvard Business Review stated that the new norm for E.M.P.'s [executives, managers, professionals] is a 72.5 hour work week. That is the new norm and it has alarming implications. The typical work week breaks down to 13.5 hour days Monday to Friday and 5 hours on the weekend. A [...]

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And the winner is: The Advertising Industry! I planned to watch the opening of the Oscars last night and ended up watching the entire show. The reason: the ads were terrific. The first few ads I saw were so good I stayed with the telecast until the end purely to view the ads. Although I [...]

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