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“According to recent cultural criticism … Narcissism is now to be seen at the root of everything…” Jessica Benjamin “The Oedipal Riddle” NARCISSISM The narcissist is more apparent in today’s society due to the many avenues available for one to exhibit their narcissistic behavior from social media to cell phone cameras to 24 hour news [...]

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“The Rules Don’t Apply: Part Two”

In my book "Theory You" I talked about a principal observation I made while working around the globe; executives poor at managing themselves were equally poor at managing others. There were certain executives with whom I worked who were oblivious to the problems they created by their personal behavior. One issue they all had in [...]


SQUARE PEGS Square pegs are a controversial element in most organizations. Traditional organizations want everyone in the organization to be a "round hole". They have little tolerance for square pegs. However, the creative organizations are the opposite. They not only tolerate square pegs but appreciate what square pegs can contribute to the organization when managed [...]

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2015: A Look Back

This is the end of the year 2015 and an opportunity to look back on the past year. I've written almost 50 blogs this past year with 42 dedicated strictly to the topic of management and management issues related to my book "Theory You". The main topic for the year was Self-Mentoring. I devoted 7 [...]

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The Square Peg A discussion on NPR yesterday centered on the topic of The Square Peg in today's modern business environment. The point was made that square pegs find it difficult to survive and prosper in many business environments. They are either not given the opportunity to be hired, or if hired are not given [...]