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Gender Gap

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I just read an article in "Fortune" magazine titled: "4 Ways Women Can Be Taken More Seriously At work". It made quite an impression on me as to the state of women and business in this country. The first point: Decide to participate even if is daunting. The point made me think of Ann Madden, [...]

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Female Doctors Earn Less

In a recent study conducted jointly by Harvard Medical School and the highly respected Massachusetts General Hospital it was determined female doctors earn less than their male counterparts. The study was one of the largest analyses of salary data ever conducted for any profession. Data on 10,000 physician faculty members at 24 medical schools was [...]

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Leader Behaving As A Leader

In my book on management "Theory You" I included a chapter titled "Leaders Should Behave As Leaders". There is a tremendous commitment to being a leader whether we are referencing a person such as a CEO or a company. In my teaching experience there were several cases we discussed in which a company shirked from [...]

The Gender Gap Struggles Continues

The Gender Gap struggle continues in the USA as the women's national soccer team joins the fight. Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, Rebecca Sauerbrunn, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan filed a complaint this week with the EEOC on behalf of the entire women's team. The complaint alleges that players on the women's national team make less [...]

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This Week: The Gender Gap

THE GENDER GAP This week saw some interesting and depressing turns in the ongoing battle to end the Gender Gap in this country. It started in Indian Wells, California at the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament when the CEO of the tournament Raymond Moore made a few embarrassing remarks that ended up costing him his [...]

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April 20: Equal Pay Day

April 20 has been designated as Equal Pay Day in this country. On a positive note it's good to see the issue of Gender Equality receiving support. However, this is also 2016 and the Gender Gap is still far from being closed. This issue is now in it's third century as a problem and the [...]

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2015: A Look Back

This is the end of the year 2015 and an opportunity to look back on the past year. I've written almost 50 blogs this past year with 42 dedicated strictly to the topic of management and management issues related to my book "Theory You". The main topic for the year was Self-Mentoring. I devoted 7 [...]

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Google and Women

I read a blog written by Lazlo Bock, the head of HR at Google. It was titled "5 Sure Fire Tips To Get That Promotion". Each of the tips had value: Get feedback all the time, solve your boss's problem, think 3 moves ahead, ask for the promotion, and have a firm grasp on reality. [...]


Pope Francis said today the Gender Gap is "Scandalous". The Associated Press reported the Pope said it is scandalous that women earn less than men for doing the same job. Pope Francis stated:"We should support with decisiveness the right to equal pay for equal work. Why is it a given that women should earn less [...]

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RAND PAUL OPPOSED TO PAY EQUALITY Presidential hopeful Rand Paul is opposed to pay equality. He has been quite clear and consistent in support of his position. As I have pointed out in earlier blogs the Gender Gap may not be closed until 2058 at the current pace of closure. Should Mr. Paul become president [...]

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