Pope Francis said today the Gender Gap is “Scandalous”. The Associated Press reported the Pope said it is scandalous that women earn less than men for doing the same job. Pope Francis stated:”We should support with decisiveness the right to equal pay for equal work. Why is it a given that women should earn less than men? The remarks were made in the Pope’s Wednesday address to the people.
Pope Francis also criticized the attitude of some who blame the crisis in families on women getting out of the house to work. He said such attitudes are a form of machismo that demonstrates how men want to dominate women.
The Pope’s comments were global and not aimed at any individual country or industry.
The Pope now joins a vast number of influential people who have spoken out on this issue. It is a huge advantage to have Pope Francis comment on the Gender Gap in support of women and use such a strong word as scandalous to describe it.


Sadly not everyone agrees or is in support of the Pope’s stance. The battle to end the Gender Gap must still be fought. In a program to be aired today an actress and Fox News contributor takes the opposite position to the Pope. Stacey Dash the star of “Single Ladies” who first came to prominence in the movie “Clueless” was a guest on “The Meredith Vieira Show”. She and Ms. Vieira had a debate on the Gender Gap issue. Ms. Dash used a common theme to support her position when the subject was brought up. “I feel like it’s an excuse. Stop making excuses…”. She went on to add that she was in control of her career and others should do the same. “If you have to be extraordinary then be extraordinary.”
When Ms. Vieira brought up the wage discrepancy faced by women Ms. Dash disputed and did not believe the figures. Ms. Vieira assured her the figures were well documented. Unfortunately the opinions expressed by Ms. Dash are widespread and not confined to her. Many people have challenged the figures that portray the Gender Gap and many have supported the view that women are just making excuses. Her comments are indicative of the other side in the battle for equal pay.


In the state of New York the State Assembly voted unanimously to close loopholes in the law guaranteeing equal pay for women. Opponents of the Gender Gap issue typically point to the Equal Rights Act of 1963 signed by President John F. Kennedy. The ERA supposedly guarantees equal pay for equal work. However, the New York State Assembly has wisely addressed the Act and set out to close the loopholes which have allowed the Gender Gap to continue.
Governor Andrew Cuomo has stated he will sign the bill when it is presented to him.
It is truly rare to have politicians 100% in support of an issue.
The key phrase in the above is:”Unanimously approved” coupled with “the Governor will sign”. Hopefully more states will follow the brilliant work of New York State.