How To Become A Better Employee

The first step in determining how to become a better employee is to understand the employee you are today. In order to become better it is important to define your starting position. If you know and understand the person you are today you can set reasonable goals that will help you become the person you want to be tomorrow. The more comprehensive your self-examination the better you will understand yourself. In order to complete this self-examination you will have to undertake two difficult assignments. First, look at you as others see you. Be willing to leave your comfort zone and try to see what others see. If you have received compliments from peers or your bosses try to understand what led to the compliment. It will help you develop your list of strengths. Once you have your list of strengths analyse it to find your three outstanding strengths. Those top three assets are the ones you want to manage to your best advantage. The self-examination also requires you to consider your weaker points or liabilities. Comments from peers or bosses may help you compile the list. However, you know yourself best and the areas in which you are uncomfortable are probably a good indicator of the areas that need improvement.

The second difficult assignment is to be totally honest in your self-examination. The list you develop is only of value if it is accurate.

Set Reasonable Goals

Once you have your list of strengths and weaknesses you can set reasonable goals for each. The goal for your strengths should be to learn to manage them to their fullest potential. For example, your outstanding strength may be your ability to perform at a high level under pressure. Knowing that is your strength should serve as a great reminder that when the pressure is on you excel and you outshine your competition. Thus, when a pressure situation occurs you know it is an opportunity for you. The confidence you manage to display in yourself will manifest itself and be obvious to others. You don’t have to look for crises but you know you are well prepared once they happen.

Your goal with weaknesses should be to convert them to a strength; move them from the negative side of the ledger to the positive. By identifying your weaknesses you can begin the task of managing yourself to correct them. By setting a reasonable goal you have a great chance for success. You also demonstrate your ability to improve and grow.

Your Brand Image

By learning to manage your strengths and weaknesses your brand image will improve. A good brand image is one that demonstrates you are a person that is known and trusted. Your brand image is the perception others have of you. A brand that is known is one that is consistent. A brand that is trusted is one that produces repeated purchase. If you create a good brand image management will know you are a person who will deliver when called upon and they will continue to go to you when there are problems or challenges.

A Better Employee

A better employee is one who is able to consistently deliver one’s strengths and who works to constantly improve. The honest self-examination you perform on yourself allows you to better manage yourself to consistently deliver your strengths and to demonstrate growth by reducing or eliminating your weaknesses, or moving them to a strength.