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Monthly Archives: August 2015


“The Rules Don’t Apply To Me”

The size of the group that believes "the rules don't apply to me" seems to grow daily. We all see countless examples of this every day both at the office and outside of the office. It's a growing problem that demands sophisticated management expertise to keep it from injuring organizational efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and personnel. [...]

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Stress continues to be a significant factor in modern life and as stress continues to rise the need to learn to manage stress becomes more vital. In the past twenty years colleges and universities have added support staff to assist students with dealing with the stress of campus life. Unfortunately one's stress level increases upon [...]

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The NFL in the person of Commissioner Roger Goodell is chasing a bad decision. As early as May 8th I wrote in a blog that the Wells Report was nothing more than a guess on his part. There was no proof anywhere in the report that Mr. Brady was involved in deflating footballs below the [...]

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Mark Twain called golf "a good walk spoiled". The Scots who invented the game sometimes referred to golf as punishment. Others reference golf "as another four letter word". Rumor has it that there are 18 holes in golf because there are 18 shots in a fifth of Scotch whiskey which indicates the attitude of early [...]

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