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Monthly Archives: November 2015



In business standards are part of every day life. We all have to "meet standard" to keep our job or to advance in our job. Companies and or bosses set standards that must be met or achieved and those standards are communicated to the people who must meet the standards. At the end of a [...]

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I am constantly amazed by people who never answer the question they were asked. The recent political debates have put a spotlight on this problem spurring me to write a second blog on the topic. But it goes far deeper than just the political debates. People all too often in business and elsewhere give you [...]

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Marketing Approach to Management

In preparing for a new teaching assignment I developed a lecture re: the contribution of marketing to management or put another way a marketing approach to management. The actual catalyst came from my notes re: team building we did years ago. The team builders gave us an exercise to teach someone using only questions. So [...]

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