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While we were at Jifundishe in Tanzania we held 5 business seminars. The attendees were a combination of students and members of the business community from the Arusha area. We discussed a number of topics during these afternoon sessions including: Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Global Marketing, Qualities of a Good Global Manager, Presentation Skills, Review of "Theory [...]

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Jifundishe: Teach Yourself

Jifundishe is a Swahili word that means "teach yourself". We are just back from a trip to Tanzania and the Jifundishe Free Library located in the Arusha area of Tanzania where we worked with over 100 students preparing them for their Qualifying Tests. The Qualifying Tests are conducted in English and the education system has [...]

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In business standards are part of every day life. We all have to "meet standard" to keep our job or to advance in our job. Companies and or bosses set standards that must be met or achieved and those standards are communicated to the people who must meet the standards. At the end of a [...]

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The narcissistic commissioner who manages the NFL is creating an impossible situation for himself. His reign as commissioner has been marked by a series of self-serving pronouncements that create unnecessary predicaments for him. He declared himself the "law and order commissioner" and his version of law and order has been repeatedly overturned by either the [...]

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We Need Each Other We need each other for the organization to perform at its best efficiency. It is the responsibility of management to instill this precept in each member of the company. When individuals in the company recognize this concept and then practice it in their every day business life the ability of the [...]


Never Use Sports Metaphors Never use sports metaphors if you want to be successful in business. Sports, particularly professional sports are huge in this country and have become a big business. However, the lessons we can learn from sports do not translate well to business including the business of sports. Americans have a great affinity [...]