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Monthly Archives: June 2015


Answer The Question

Business would function better if participants would answer the question they were asked. An unanswered question can set a discussion or meeting down a negative path. A representative of my publisher called me last week and asked if I wanted to participate in a group ad in the Reader's Digest to promote my book "Theory [...]

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We Need Each Other We need each other for the organization to perform at its best efficiency. It is the responsibility of management to instill this precept in each member of the company. When individuals in the company recognize this concept and then practice it in their every day business life the ability of the [...]


The Square Peg A discussion on NPR yesterday centered on the topic of The Square Peg in today's modern business environment. The point was made that square pegs find it difficult to survive and prosper in many business environments. They are either not given the opportunity to be hired, or if hired are not given [...]