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A NEW YEAR: 2016

This week marks the end of 2015 and brings in a new year: 2016. This week is a perfect time to reflect back upon the past year and also set goals for the upcoming year. It starts with a commitment to be honest...honest to yourself. W. Edwards Deming, the famous management guru who revitalized Japanese [...]

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2015: A Look Back

This is the end of the year 2015 and an opportunity to look back on the past year. I've written almost 50 blogs this past year with 42 dedicated strictly to the topic of management and management issues related to my book "Theory You". The main topic for the year was Self-Mentoring. I devoted 7 [...]

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People Who Need People

The people who need people are, like the song says, "the luckiest people in the world". They are the luckiest people because help is available, they just need to ask for the help. And that's the rub. The people who need people the most are the least likely to seek assistance. One of the major [...]

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The Cell Phone Culture

The cell phone culture appears to be growing as a problem in conducting business.I recently had dinner with a senior executive at a prominent marketing company. I asked him "what is the biggest management problem you face"? His response was most interesting. "My biggest challenge is dealing with the cell phone culture, getting people to [...]

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I am constantly amazed by people who never answer the question they were asked. The recent political debates have put a spotlight on this problem spurring me to write a second blog on the topic. But it goes far deeper than just the political debates. People all too often in business and elsewhere give you [...]

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Marketing Approach to Management

In preparing for a new teaching assignment I developed a lecture re: the contribution of marketing to management or put another way a marketing approach to management. The actual catalyst came from my notes re: team building we did years ago. The team builders gave us an exercise to teach someone using only questions. So [...]

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Google and Women

I read a blog written by Lazlo Bock, the head of HR at Google. It was titled "5 Sure Fire Tips To Get That Promotion". Each of the tips had value: Get feedback all the time, solve your boss's problem, think 3 moves ahead, ask for the promotion, and have a firm grasp on reality. [...]


Criticism can be positive; criticism does not need to be negative as many people seem to believe. I had a view of the negative when I went out for coffee this morning at the local coffee shop in my town. One of the young counter people had placed an order for a breakfast sandwich but [...]

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Bosses, sadly are frequently not good managers. Bosses are also seldom leaders. All too frequently bosses are simply a notch on the organization chart that shows the number of people subordinate to them in the company. This inability to step up to the role of manager creates enormous problems for the companies that employ these [...]

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On the news yesterday I heard one of the commentators reference the ongoing presidential debates and their importance in the American political process. He made the point the debates are crucial in assisting voters to select a leader for this nation. He said it was all about leadership...who would do the best job as a [...]

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