This is the end of the year 2015 and an opportunity to look back on the past year. I’ve written almost 50 blogs this past year with 42 dedicated strictly to the topic of management and management issues related to my book “Theory You”. The main topic for the year was Self-Mentoring. I devoted 7 blogs to self-mentoring and it’s importance in helping to shape and build a career. The key premise: a good manager must first learn to manage himself or herself before they move ahead and begin the management of others. It starts with understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses. A proper self-evaluation will both assist a person in evaluating others as well as determining the best strategy for managing oneself. Self-mentoring is more important today than ever due to the lack of qualified mentors available to many people. Self-mentoring enables a person to think more strategically in the planning of their career.

A second vital topic concerned the Gender Gap that exists in this country and its persistence as an issue. Even Pope Francis commented on the situation calling it “scandalous” and noting that there should be equal pay for equal work. On average a college educated man will earn $530,000 more in his career than a woman if they both perform the same jobs. I noted the lack of support for equal pay by some of the political candidates for president and although its not the most important item in a candidate’s platform it still should be included. Current projections indicate the Gender Gap will not be closed until 2058 if it proceeds at the current pace. On average a woman makes 82.5% of what a man earns for performing the same job.

I’ve found Roger Goodell to be an example of a poor manager and cited his shortcomings in 6 different blogs. He continues to be a target for negative comment given the recent punishment of New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham. The display by Beckham in a recent game against the Carolina Panthers game was despicable. Among other things he attempted to injure a player on the other team with a helmet to helmet hit after the play was over. His punishment by the so called law and order commissioner: 1 game. With concussions the major concern in the NFL Beckham was suspended for 1 game. There is ample video proof to show Beckham’s transgression. When Ndamukung Suh stomped on a player’s arm he received a 2 game suspension. When Tom Brady supposedly let air out of a football he received a 4 game suspension. The definition of a good manager is consistency. The NFL commissioner is the poster boy for inconsistency. Two points from the Goodell example: first, we can learn both from those who do it well and those who do not do it well; second, consistency is a key to good management.

I wrote three blogs discussing Square Pegs and the contributions they can make if managed properly. This is an important subject and the focus of my next book which I hope to have published in 2016. We need the square pegs and as managers give them the opportunity to contribute and excel.

Finally, I dealt with the subject of listening and it’s importance in business. Almost all problems in business can be traced back to a failure in communications. Good managers are good listeners. Good managers provide answers to the questions they were asked. They improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the people they manage and as a result the company benefits.

I doubt the Gender Gap will end in 2016 so that issue will continue to be a concern, hopefully Roger Goodell becomes a poster boy for good management in 2016, hopefully more square pegs are offered positions in good companies, and the importance of self-mentoring and good communications continues to be vital as we look forward to a new and prosperous New Year, 2016!

My next blog will look at 2016.