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WE ARE AT WAR We are at war. The president has stated we are at war and that he is a now a wartime president in the fight against Covid-19. There are a number of major issues in the country at this time including the economy, education of our children, BLM movement and protests, the [...]

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I have often been puzzled as to why managers forsake their training, disciplines and processes when they are confronted by a serious problem or crisis. The time when the above are most valuable is when one is confronted with a crisis. Crisis management should be the optimum time to utilize the skills we have developed [...]

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Do As I Say

In the past month I've had several instances where people have talked to me about a similar problem. Managers expect their subordinates to do as the manager says but not to do as the manager does. The instances have included wardrobe, promptness, and policy. In each case the manager violated the rules he had established [...]

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NFL Ratings Decline

The NFL ratings decline this year should signal they have a problem. The big question from a management point of view is will they honestly examine their problem and seek a solution? Do they have the leadership who will address the problem? While a lot of theories have been put forth as to why the [...]

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Leader Behaving As A Leader

In my book on management "Theory You" I included a chapter titled "Leaders Should Behave As Leaders". There is a tremendous commitment to being a leader whether we are referencing a person such as a CEO or a company. In my teaching experience there were several cases we discussed in which a company shirked from [...]


Today is Equal Pay Day. President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation naming today as Equal Pay Day. However, it is not a day to celebrate. The United States has one of the largest Gender Gaps of any industrialized nation in the world. Even our celebrated national women's soccer team, despite several Olympic gold medal performances [...]

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Embrace The Square Pegs

I read an article yesterday about a creative company undergoing serious, unplanned change. One of the changes was a reduction in manpower prompting one of the senior managers to declare "we have to learn how to force the square pegs into the round holes". This might be defined as conventional thinking. However, the premise seemed [...]

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Deflategate: Day 73 It was 73 days ago today that Roger Goodell appointed Ted Wells and Jim Pash to investigate Deflategate and give him a report. Seventy-three days to determine if anyone involved with the New England Patriots purposely deflated the footballs used in a game to less than the mandated 12.5 PSI as required [...]

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