Deflategate: Day 73

It was 73 days ago today that Roger Goodell appointed Ted Wells and Jim Pash to investigate Deflategate and give him a report. Seventy-three days to determine if anyone involved with the New England Patriots purposely deflated the footballs used in a game to less than the mandated 12.5 PSI as required by NFL rules. There are very few people involved in the process of providing the referees in the game with the balls to be used in the game. It is beyond imagination that it could take 73 days to speak to these few people and make a determination. However, after 73 days all we have from Roger Goodell is a statement that the investigation is coming to a close. However, no timetable accompanied that open statement.

Deflategate was a huge issue 73 days ago. It was the major topic both before and during the Super Bowl, and it continues to this day. There is a black cloud hanging over the Super Bowl champions and their owner, coach and quarterback as well as the league. However, none of this appears to be of concern to the NFL commissioner. His lack of priority is impossible to understand. The CEO of any other business would have resolved this issue long ago.

Why Roger Goodell?

Why is Roger Goodell the commissioner of the NFl? He is not a good decision maker nor a good communicator for the NFL and thus not a good manager. His tenure has been marked by a series of questionable decisions on his part:
– New Orleans Saints Bountygate- where his decision was overturned
– Adrian Peterson’s child abuse- where his decision was contested and overturned
– Ray Rice’s abuse of women- where his second attempt at a suspension was overturned
– The Greg Hardy female abuse situation remains a black eye for the NFL as it awaits input from Mr. Goodell
– Deflategate seems to be a back burner matter for Mr. Goodell

My Career Is On The Line

In my book “Theory You” I write: “One of the phrases heard a great deal in business…is my career is on the line. This phrase is delivered when one is confronted with a decision and the implication frightens the decision maker.” I point out that many managers shirk from responsibility and fail to do what is best for the company. The implication is that their career is more important than the welfare of the company. Mr. Goodell appears to reflect that position.
He appears to consider his career more important than the players, coaches and owners involved in these matters. A bigger concern is that he appears to consider his career more important than the league he manages.

Why is his career more important than the NFL? What exactly is it he does that allows him to retain his position and put his career above all others?

Chasing A Bad Decision

The NFL owners appear to be chasing a bad decision. This happens frequently in business. Executives don’t want to admit they made a mistake. It usually takes a major problem for them to admit they erred. Is this the time for the NFL owners to admit their mistake? The NFL commissioner they hired has made repeated bad decisions and along the way alienated:
– The players
– The player’s association [NFLPA]
– Owners
– The media
– The NFL fans

Roger Goodell Remains On The Hot Seat

AA has a saying: “Just because it looks simple doesn’t mean it’s easy”. The job of NFL commissioner is certainly a challenging and demanding position. The question is: do they have the right person in the job? Each day that answer appears more and more questionable’. I guess we will know for sure when situations like Deflategate are completed and analyzed. Until then Roger Goodell remains on the hot seat as well as the owners who hired him.