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WE ARE AT WAR We are at war. The president has stated we are at war and that he is a now a wartime president in the fight against Covid-19. There are a number of major issues in the country at this time including the economy, education of our children, BLM movement and protests, the [...]

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FOREVER YOUNG The state of Florida enacted new gun regulations today. The bill was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott. The bill imposes a three day waiting period for most purchases of guns and raise the minimum age for those purchasing guns to 21 from 18. It also bans bump fire stocks. Additionally people [...]

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The Winter Olympics The past two weeks have demonstrated to all of us encouraging signs of the strength of our young people in this country although the indications have come from widely divergent places. The Winter Olympics gave us wonderful images of our young athletes. Their grit, determination and class were on television daily highlighted [...]

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9/11 The date 9/11 will live on in the history of our country as one of our darkest days. The lives lost in the attack on the twin towers were both tragic and heroic. The incredible first responder efforts by New York's Finest, the members of the New York Police Department and New York Fire [...]

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The House of Representatives is busily working to foster the death of process in government. Every good manager knows process is important in the conduct of business. Organizations need structure and discipline in order to perform at the highest level. Process is not more important than the outcome rather process aids in the development of [...]

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Do As I Say

In the past month I've had several instances where people have talked to me about a similar problem. Managers expect their subordinates to do as the manager says but not to do as the manager does. The instances have included wardrobe, promptness, and policy. In each case the manager violated the rules he had established [...]

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NFL Ratings Decline

The NFL ratings decline this year should signal they have a problem. The big question from a management point of view is will they honestly examine their problem and seek a solution? Do they have the leadership who will address the problem? While a lot of theories have been put forth as to why the [...]

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The NFL owners met last week in Houston at their quarterly owner's meeting. One of the key items on the agenda was the league's "unusual and precipitous drop in TV ratings". According to Jarrett Bell of "USA TODAY" NFL games were down 11% for the first six weeks of the season when compared to last [...]

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About one year ago I was in my car listening to an interview on NPR. The woman being interviewed was quite adamant that people seeking jobs should learn to conform if they wanted to get hired. She made the point that employers were not interested in hiring the so called square pegs. The interview struck [...]

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“The Rules Don’t Apply: Part Two”

In my book "Theory You" I talked about a principal observation I made while working around the globe; executives poor at managing themselves were equally poor at managing others. There were certain executives with whom I worked who were oblivious to the problems they created by their personal behavior. One issue they all had in [...]