The date 9/11 will live on in the history of our country as one of our darkest days. The lives lost in the attack on the twin towers were both tragic and heroic. The incredible first responder efforts by New York’s Finest, the members of the New York Police Department and New York Fire Department who gave their lives trying to save the lives of others will forever live in the memories of all who were affected by 9/11. During one of our darkest moments we experienced as a nation one of our finest moments.

My daughter and I were in New York 9/11/2001. We saw the towers come down and that night we saw a parade of workers and equipment on their way to the site to begin the process of digging out and searching for bodies. People worked literally non-stop to begin the process of revival and aiding their fellow man. What was accomplished was astonishing. Everyone came together in a unified effort.

We are seeing the same heroic efforts in Houston in the aftermath of Harvey. In the face of a 1000 year storm we witnessed Texans and people from neighboring states performing heroically to help their fellow man. It was an inspiration to us all. The people of Houston have a supreme task in front of them but with the help of the government, their neighbors and the country as a whole it will be no surprise when they not only return to normal but turn the storm into a positive.

Irma has been devastating in Florida. Millions are without power and the estimates of the damage done are yet to come. But as in Houston we saw people coming together and the belief is Florida will soon return to normal and hopefully prosper.

All of these disasters have occurred on or near the date of 9/11.

We as a nation should use the date 9/11 as a rallying call to remind us what we can accomplish when we work together. It should serve to motivate us to focus on what is really important in our nation. And it should serve as a warning for when some want to return to the divisiveness that has described our political landscape in Washington for so many years.

I have always loved the following saying: “Just imagine what we could accomplish if we didn’t care who got the credit”. The credit should go to the entire team. We witnessed it in New York, we are witnessing it in Houston and we will soon witness it in Florida. Americans living up to the founding ideals of our nation and delivering big time.

It is time our politicians continued to follow the examples they set during 9/11, during Houston and during Florida. This is the way we want you to behave all the time not just in time of disaster…all the time!

God Bless New York, God Bless Houston, God Bless Florida, and God Bless America!