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Monthly Archives: September 2015


Embrace The Square Pegs

I read an article yesterday about a creative company undergoing serious, unplanned change. One of the changes was a reduction in manpower prompting one of the senior managers to declare "we have to learn how to force the square pegs into the round holes". This might be defined as conventional thinking. However, the premise seemed [...]

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Life, like lunch is full of difficult choices. The same is true when it comes to making decisions about your career. Career decisions are full of choices. However, one thing makes lunch decisions and career decisions easier...you. You know what you like to eat and what you don't like to eat. If the Chef's Special [...]

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NFL Owners Face Tough Decision Re: Goodell

The NFL owners face a tough decision re: Roger Goodell. In my blog last week "Roger Goodell Fails Again" I left open the question "Why are the NFL owners allowing him [Goodell] to run amok and remain in office?" The question has a very dramatic spotlight tonight as the NFL season opens in Foxboro, Massachusetts [...]

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Roger Goodell Fails Again

With the news today that Judge Berman vacated Tom Brady's 4 game suspension it becomes clearer that Roger Goodell is a failure as a chief executive. From a management point of view the headline should read: "Roger Goodell Fails Again". Commissioner Goodell has now had 8 major suspensions overturned or reduced in his term as [...]

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